Product Filter (Apply tag rules only to selected products)

Product Filter allows you to apply smart tag rules (for e.g. Product Total Quantity or Product Type), to only specific products.

You can filter the products by specifying the following:

  • Product titles
  • Collection titles
  • Tags
  • Product types
  • Product vendors

An example of product filter with all types added.

Using the Product Filter will be extremely useful when you want to have different tags for different groups of products. For example:

  • Using Product Total Quantity, different types of products can have different out-of-stock levels
  • Using Product Keywords, only tag certain products types that have a keyword in its title.
  • And more!

In this article

Enable Product Filter

  1. Edit the desired Smart Tag rule.
  2. Click on "Only apply to selected products?" option to enable Product Filter.

    Depending on the type of the smart tag rule, the option for product filter will be shown as one of the following:

    Option for Product Filter as shown for Product Vendor smart tag.

    Option for Product Filter as shown for Product Total Quantity smart tag.

  3. The following product filter form will be displayed.
  4. Add filter items to the product filter to include products by title, collections, tags and more.

    Tips: See the section Types of Filter Items to learn about different ways to specify which products to include.
    Notes: If the filter is active and the filter items does not apply to any products, no products will be tagged.
  5. Click Save to keep changes or Cancel to discard.

Types of Filter Items

The following table shows the available types of filter items that you can add to the filter

Type Description
Product Title Self-explanatory.
Collection Title Products in this collection will be included in the filter.
Tags Products tagged with the specified tags will be included in the filter.
Product Types Products with the specified types will be included in the filter.
Product Vendors Products with the specified vendors will be included in the filter.

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